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What Happens Next?

When someone close or someone you have looked after dies, it can be a very traumatic time for your self and those around you. Death can be very sudden or expected however there are legalities that have to be complied with and decisions that have to be made. As professional Funeral Directors we are here to help.

If death occurs at home you will need to contact the Doctor or surgery who has been treating the deceased, so that they can certify death. Out side normal surgery hours it may be Kernowdoc who attends. If it is, they will contact the deceased's own doctor the next working day. At this stage we as Funeral Directors should be contacted to undertake the arrangements. If the deceased's own Doctor attends then he should be informed if burial or cremation has been chosen. The deceased's own Doctor will then issue a death certificate. This will be given to you.

If the death occurs in a hospital the Bereavement Officer or the Nursing staff will contact the Doctor to attend. At this point you may be asked if burial or cremation has been chosen. A death certificate will be issued by the hospital and arrangements will be made for its collection.

If cremation is chosen a second Doctor will also have to see the deceased and a set of cremation forms are issued. If the death has occurred at home the second Doctor will see the deceased at our premises. The cremation certificates will normally be given to us or we will collect the from the relevant surgeries, and deliver with other statutory forms to the Crematorium.

In most cases a death has to be registered within seven days and this is carried out at the local registry office nearest to where the death occurred. The death certificate issued by the Doctor is confidential and should be delivered to the register unopened. The registrar will require the following information about the deceased; full name and maiden name, date and place of birth, and last known occupation. Copy or duplicate death certificates are available from the Registrar and a charge per certificate will be made. Two other forms will be issued, one will be a white form to be given to the Funeral Director. A funeral cannot take place if a death has not been registered.

Again at this stage you should contact us, to undertake the arrangements on your behalf. The officer acting for the Coroner may ask if cremation or burial has been chosen. If burial has been chosen the death will be registered and both green and white forms issued (along with copy death certificates if required) If cremation is chosen the death still has to be registered but only the white form is issued. In the case of a death reported to the coroner you will not receive a death certificate from a Doctor. Any forms needed to register the death will be sent direct to the Registrar from the coroner or transferred by us. If an inquest is to be held we will advise you of the procedure to follow. As professional and qualified Funeral Directors we are able to advise you on any aspects of registration or Coroners procedure relating to a death.