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Mylor Parish Cemetery

Regulations made by Mylor Parish Council on 2nd August 1976, with subsequent amendments and reaffirmed as follows on 1st September 2003 with regard to the erection of headstones and the provision of flower vases in the Parish Cemetery at Penarrow Road, Mylor.

  • No headstone shall exceed an overall height of 2 feet 6 inches above ground level and the width shall not be greater than 2 feet 9 inches.
  • No headstone shall exceed 6 inches in thickness.
  • The plinth or base of the headstone shall not exceed 3 feet in width and 1 foot in thickness.
  • To permit the Cemetery to be laid out and maintained on a lawn type principle there shall be no kerbstones, planting of flowers or shrubs or any other ornamentation in front of the plinth on the grave.
  • No planting of flowers or shrubs shall be carried out in the Cemetery without the prior approval of the Parish Council.
  • No receptacles other than flower vases especially designed for the purpose may be placed on grave spaces and then only within the confines of the headstone plinth.
  • In respect of the burial of cremated remains, only memorial plaques set in the ground are permitted. The size of the plaque must not exceed 1 foot 8 inches by 1 foot 4 inches and no vase may be set in the plaques.
  • The design, the colour of design and wording on headstones or plaques,must first be approved by Mylor Parish Council.

Falmouth Cemetery

We are waiting for an updated list for this cemetery.... As soon as one becomes available we will update this listing.

Truro, St Clements Cemetery

On 29th April 1976, the City Council approved that, with effect from that date, the following Regulations should apply in respect of the erection of Memorials in the various sections of the Truro Public Cemetery, and in respect of the replacement of any existing Memorial erected in the Cemetery:

  • The base of each Headstone erected is to be a maximum thirty-two inches long and twelve inches wide, and set so that the top of the base is four inches above the level of the ground, measured on the high side.
  • The maximum width of the Headstone is to be thirty inches, and a maximum height of thirty-six inches above the top of the base; the headstone to be four inches thick.
  • No kerbs or ledgers are to be fixed.
  • A flower receptacle not forming an integral part of a Headstone may be placed to the right-hand side of the Headstone, in line with the base of the Headstone. Any flower receptacle placed elsewhere upon the grave space will be removed.
  • Wooden Crosses may be erected if in compliance with these regulations.