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We offer a complete restoration and cleaning service, for all types of Memorials.  Restoration comprises of, cleaning, re-lettering and levelling of Memorials. Many older Memorials have raised lead lettering, and with time these may become loose or dislodged. Raised lettering is still hand cut and this can be carried out if needed, (with the Memorial in situ on larger Monuments) all lettering is then re-black enamelled, to match the existing. As expert craftsmen masons we are also able to gild letters in 24ct Gold Leaf if this is what you require.  (Prices are available upon request, and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.)

In many older church yards cemeteries, we are only allowed to carry out sympathetic restoration, and we are not able to over clean memorials. Memorials in most cases have to be removed when a grave is re-opened for further internment\'s, so this is an ideal time to add a further inscription if required, to match original. In most cases permission or faculties will be required from relevant authorities before any work is carried out. We will be able to obtain these on your behalf, and we will advise you accordingly.

Many older Memorials are placed over brick lined graves and burial volts, and subsidence of the memorial may be as a result of this. We have a wealth of experience in correcting structural defects in charnel systems, burial vaults and brick lined graves, and are able to advise.

If Memorials are damaged, then existing components can be replaced, and hand carved to match the original stone work. If this is not possible the existing stone work can be put together using stainless steel pins and resin bonded.